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Bringing Pets

Some expatriates bring their pets with them. Long haired dogs are particularly unsuitable for Tanzania where temperatures on the coast are rarely cool. A good barker is one of the most effective thief deterrents and a pet adds to the continuity of family life in this new and exotic land.

Dogs and cats should be vaccinated for rabies at least 1 month and not more than 3 years prior to their entry into Tanzania. An import permit should be obtained by sending a letter of request to the Director of Veterinary Services in Tanzania, Ministry of Water and Livestock Development (see address below). In this letter the applicant should state, Type/ Breed of pet, age, port of entry in Tanzania and attach vaccination certificates.

Vaccinations for Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parvo are recommeded. Puppies should be vaccinated when they are five to seven weeks old with repeat vaccinations two weeks and six weeks later. The rabies vaccination should be administered with the third vaccination. Vaccination for worms should be done every three months or the pets may be given worm tablets every 45 days.


If applicant has hosts in Tanzania, it is helpful if they make a follow up of the application and collect the permit on behalf.

Imported animals are subject to examination by a veterinarian at the port of entry and subject to quarantine if need be.

If you want to take your pet back with you obtain an export permit.

Ministry of Water and Livestock Development
Temeke Veterinary Office,
P.O. Box 9152,
Dar es Salaam
Tel: (+255-22) 286-2592
Fax: (+255-22) 286-2538





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