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Tanzania Immigration Information Work Permit

Types of Permit

All people intending to reside in the United Republic of Tanzania for business or work or for any other acceptable purpose are issued residence permits. There are three types:

Class A: for self-employed foreigners (investors).
Class B: for foreigners with jobs.
Class C: other classes of foreigner such as missionaries, students, volunteers.

The power to issue a residence permit is vested in the Director of Immigration Services. Applicants who are not satisfied by the Director’s decision may appeal to the Minister for Home Affairs while they are outside the country. Applications for Residence Permits should also be submitted while the applicant is outside the country.

Class A Permits

Applicants are required to fill in Tanzania Immigration Form 1, obtainable at any immigration office. The following items must be attached to the application form:

• Certificate of Competence from The Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC);
• A cover letter from the applicant;
• Six photographs;
• Curriculum vitae;
• Educational certificates (if appropriate);
• Company registration;
• Memorandum and articles of association;
• Evidence of business premises;
• Sectoral approval from any relevant ministry;
• Share certificate (if needed);
• Copy of passport pages authentificating nationality and validity of passport.

Note: Those who do not qualify under the TIC should provide a Bank proof of 300,000 USD to be considered for the Class A Permit by the Director of Immigration Services.

Zanzibar Procedures:

Specific attachments for the application process in Zanzibar include:

• A cover letter from ZIPA, or EPZ;
• Feasibility study or copy of write up;
• Interim certificate;
• Police clearance;
• Four Photographs.

Class B Permits

Applicants for the Class B permit must complete Tanzania Immigration Form I and submit it to the Labour Commissioner for a recommendation. The recommendation will be attached to the form and forwarded to the Director of Immigration Services for further action. The Class B Permit is intended for applicants who possess rare qualifications or skills, preferably in highly technical occupations, that are not readily available in the local labour market.

The necessary attachments to the application are the following:

• Cover letter or letter of appointment;
• Five photographs;
• Curriculum vitae;
• Academic qualifications (preferably copies of diplomas);
• Job description for each individual expatriate;
• Organisational structure o f a company showing clearly the number and types of posts filled in or lined up for expatriates;
• A letter of clearance from the Government for anyone to be employed in a parastatal organisation;
• Membership certificates or clearances from local professional bodies for testing and monitoring the professional integrity of expatriates – i.e. doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, pilots, surveyors, accountants and the like;
• Employment contract;
• Photocopy of passport pages to authentify nationality, validity, and the current immigration status (if the applicant is already in the country);
• Evidence to show that the company has tried to fill the position with a Tanzanian by producing copies of advertisements announcing the vacancy as well as the C.V. of a Tanzanian alternative.

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